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I owned an internet marketing company registered with the chamber of commerce in 2011 till 2015 but I started at 2008. I managed to get a stable income when the affiliate market was still new in my country. It took me a while to accept that the bubble did crash and that there was no money to be made with my current strategy. In 2017 I have decided to get back in the internet marketing scene but than with a different approach. Currently I’m working as a Full-Time Sushi Chef wich is completely the opposite for what I have studied (IT). If you want to know my full Curriculum Vitae then make sure to visit that page by clicking here.

The new projects will be 100% Transparant there is a dark side in the internet marketing world wich many marketers will not tell you. With my new projects I want to create a completely new community there will be no hidden strategies. Everything I know and what I did and what I currently do to maintain a stable income will be covered in my new projects.

Click here to see the full list of all my projects. I will update my blog regularly so that you can follow my project progress, thoughts and lifestyle.

What I Do
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April 7, 2017

From Internet Marketing To Full-Time Sushi Chef

My History as an Internet Marketer If you have read the frontpage of this website then you know my history. So to keep it short I started doing Internet Marketing...

How I Did Not Adapt To The Internet Marketing Changes

My Journey started in 2008

Making money online.

In 2008 I discovered that you can make money online. Everything was still fresh in my country and there was nobody that competed with me to get the top spot in the Google search rankings. I was still young and did not took this opportunity to make more money. My priorities was more focused on school, going out and having fun. I earned approximately 80 euro in my first month in my online marketing strategy by doing literally nothing.

Make money online
Affiliate Marketing

Discovering the Affiliate Market in 2009

Affiliate Marketing

During my discovery that I could make money online I started to dig deeper and discovered Affiliate Marketing. I could make money by selling other companies products and services without delivering any support. Believe it or not the commission prices by selling financial products where huge. You could literally earn 300% for what they are selling their services for.

Discovering the dark side in 2010

What matters was to make money!

In 2010, I was only focussing in getting a good conversion. It did not matter how I did it as long as I made money it will be fine. If you look at the website of samsung and look at the comparision about their latest phone vs Iphone you will see that they list everything that they do better but they don’t tell you the other things that they do less better. I did the same, I never bought the service or product that I recommended. I never tried it, all I did was providing information. If it sells then I’m happy. I’m not proud for what I did in this year but that is something that I will cover in one of my projects (MyWebsiteBlueprint.com).

What matters is to make money
Chamber of Commerce

Getting more serious in 2011

Chamber of Commerce

In 2011, I have decided to pursue a career as an internet marketer professionally. I quit my full-time IT job and I registered my company called Wmasters at the Chamber of Commerce. Since my name was public and I need to get a good branding of my company I have decided to maintain good status by recommending products and services that I did test and used myself. The only risk I had then was to pay for the products and services myself.

Getting a lot of business offers in 2012

Getting sponsors!

I branded a website from 2011 till 2012 untill I got the top 3 spots on google for every single post I made with my targeted keywords. Soon I got noticed by companies that are selling the products that I reviewed on my website. I got a lot of different offers. They are willing to send me the product for free but in order to get the product I had to write exclusively for them. At the end of 2012 I also started to sell some advertising space on my website.

Work Overload

Investing more money in 2013

Taking more projects than I could handle

In 2013, I had a lot of ideas and I bought around 300 domain names. It is a lot of ideas and too much for a single person to maintain every project. I got around 20 of them done but some performance and conversion from a few websites did suffer because I could not invest enough time to maintain all 20 of them. But all 20 websites did create an income around 100/400 euro a month for each website.

Offering courses and services in 2014

Selling courses and services

In 2014, I started selling online courses. I managed to get around 60+ sales for my online course. I sold the courses for 67 euro’s but 50% of the 67 euro’s would be paid to my affiliates. And what was left was  33.5 euro but that was not my profit because I also had to pay the payment provider a fee of 8.5 euro per sale. So on each sale 25 euro. It did not made me rich by selling the courses only. Within the course I recommended products and services wich I sold myself. For each course I sold and if they did follow everything on that course I would make 325 euro per person. More about this subject would be revealed on www.mywebsiteblueprint.com.

Selling courses
Not putting my money at work

The end of my business in 2015

Not putting my money at work

Selling services and courses took a lot of my time and I completely forgot about all the other projects. I had to pay 500 euro every month to maintain the websites that where slowly losing visitors. And not only was that my cost I also had to pay for other services and licenses that I used to maintain my courses. And before I realized the market was overloaded with companies so not a single person but companies targeting the same niches that I did. Even the companies that did sponsor me in the past started their own website similar to mine but the difference is they have a complete team to get the top spot in google.

Taking a break in 2016

Going on vacations

In 2016, I did completely nothing I used almost all my buffer that I made to travel and having fun. There is absolutely no way I can compete against companies a complete team of internet marketers, designers, coders targeting the same audience that I did. In this year, I realized what went wrong and what I could do better. I never build a brand to maintain a stable loyal community. My eyes where too much focused-on conversion than maintaining a loyal community by proving quality information. And with no more income I had to change something!


New journey in 2017

I'm back!

I’m getting back in the internet marketing scene. But this time not to get a good conversion and focus on making money. With my new projects I want to build and maintain a good community by providing all my knowledge. All my projects will be completely free and there will be an optional option to buy an online course. Those courses are there to help you start with your own projects or journey. All the projects that I will be releasing are part of my life. To see a list of my released projects make sure to visit the projects page by clicking here.