From Internet Marketing To Full-Time Sushi Chef

Kong Wing Tang Sushi Chef

My History as an Internet Marketer

If you have read the frontpage of this website then you know my history. So to keep it short I started doing Internet Marketing at 2008. From 2008 till 2014 I did very well in the Internet Marketing world. After 2014 till the end of 2016 I lost it all and losed all my income source from doing Internet Marketing. In 2015 I have decided to unplug and told the Dutch Chamber of Commerce that I was out of business.

Kong Wing Tang History
Kong Wing Tang P&L

Accepting that it is not working!

My income source started to decline in 2015. I knew that it was declining and that I need to change something. But all my websites had no big community to back it up. All the websites that where online was conversions orientated. Every single website that I had online where targeted by the bigger companies. My websites was a gateway to create more sales for the companies I promoted. Soon the companies started their own similair website with a complete team of marketers, seo specialist etc. I could not accept that I need to change my plan or I had no income source sooner or later. I turned a blind eye on the numbers. Bieng your own boss you have nobody to back you up. There is no boss to tell me ”if you don’t adapt you will be fired”. My P&L (Profit & Loses) is my boss. I did not listen and look at the P&L. In 2016 I started to go on vacation with the buffer I had and did completely nothing in that year.

Full-Time Sushi Chef

In January 2017 I accepted that I need to change. Since I studied IT I did apply for a job in that sector but being non active in the IT sector for 6 years did not help me to get the job I want. Since I did do Internet Marketing I decided to try to apply for a job as an Internet Marketer. I was very suprised that I got invited for an job interview for some big companies even though that I did not have the correct diploma to apply for it. Where all the IT companies did not even invite me to an interview the Internet Marketing sector did invite me for an interview. In the end they told me that they like me and that I have great experience they would have directly hired me. In the end they have decided to hire someone that studied in that sector. I need a job since my income source went to 0. And I like to cook so I decided to contact some friends and after some talk I got a job as a Sushi Chef.

Kong Wing Tang - Sushi Chef
Kong Wing Tang Passion

My new Journey and Projects

So, in March 2017 I started to work as a sushi chef. I’m learning a lot from them and I do enjoy my work there. But it is a lot for me to adapt since I have never worked in the hospitality sector. I do enjoy my time there and I will keep doing this since it is also providing me with a guaranteed income source. It feels good to work for a boss again with a stable income source. But to be completely honest I don’t see myself working there for the rest of my life. That’s why I have decided to go back in the internet marketing scene and I will put all my knowledge to create quality content to gain a good community.  Since I’m working full-time my time is limited but that does not change the fact that my passion is to do internet marketing. So, all the projects I release are based on my passion. I do it with fun and it does not feel as work. Since I have a stable income now I don’t have to focus on getting conversions so I can do what I like without worrying. The current projects are based on my passion. I like to cook so I made cooking website. I do dabble in the stock market so I decided to make a website and share my progress and point of view etc.

Kong Wing Tang

Author Kong Wing Tang

Officially a NEET in 2015 and 2016. (Not in Education, Employment, or Training, In Japan, the classification comprises people aged between 15 and 34 who are not employed, not engaged in housework, not enrolled in school or work-related training, and not seeking work). Getting back in the Internet Marketing scene in 2017.

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