Chef Panko
My passion for eating and cooking in one website!

This website is part of my life. I like to eat and cook so I have decided to create a community with poeple that like eating and cooking too. I will create recipes and share them. I will also review restaurants and cooking products etc.

Visitors first!

Everything I do and recommend on this website will be based on my own opinion. I will be transparant with everything I do so there will be affiliate links and advertisment on this website. When you click on an affiliate link and decide to buy the product then I will recieve a commision for your purchase from the seller. You decide if you want to support the website or not by buying with the provided affiliate links. As for the paid courses it has not yet been decided if this website will provide some cookery courses. The main focus is to post quility content first to create an awesome community.

My Website Blueprint
All my secrets about websites and internet marketing revealed

On this website I'm going to reveal what I did to get a stable income and where it went wrong. The information will be completely free but I will create courses wich are optional. The courses will not be free. The courses are aimed to guide you in your own Journey to get an extra income from your own website how much money you will make depends on your own efforts.

Exceptional Quality

No marketing bullshit, 100% transparency I will even reveal my income stats for this website and how I did it.

My Trading Blueprint
Follow me in my trading journey!

Every trader will say that you have to experience the market yourself. You can't buy a book or read a lot of information about the stock market and think that you will be a miljonair overnight! On this website you can follow my journey while I put my own money in the stock market. See if I can maintain a stable return or see me fail. I will review the brokerage account and share my knowledge with you. the plan is to provide a POV feel with this website. See everything I do and why I did it. Once I get a stable return then I will put an online course that is completely optional. You yourself need to decide if you want to buy the course or not.

No hidden secrets, No fake numbers, No demo account.

You will literly see everything on my point of view. I will share you my thought process and why I did a certain trade. You will see the emotional stages I will go trough by trading with a starting capital of my own money of 5000 euro.